According to Oxford Dictionary, the word ‘concept’ is a noun that describes an idea or a principle that is connected with something abstract. You may take this website as a catalogue of concepts by an individual who is trying to make sense of the world. More or less.

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What colour is your water?

The invisible line of social privileges explored by extracting the colours of water through Winogradsky column.


What colour is your water?

Winogradsky columns, archival print

BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES draws upon the interactions of bacterial communities in a particular environment that interact with each other to sustain life. Each environment is varied in its type of water, ranging from the drain, the ground, the rain and the sorts of bottled water we buy, from Spritzer to Evian. This variation of water represents our layers of social strata and privileges, especially ones we have all gone through as a community during this pandemic.

The inbuilt struggles of a normal human being spoken through the lens of a mosquito, a bunch of flowers and a cloud.



Does mosquito enjoy biting humans?

Graphite on paper

Little is known about the deep conundrums faced by a bloodsucking mosquito, a bunch of blossoming flowers and a bloated cloud, until now…

Here, in HOW I WONDER WHAT YOUR ARE, we peer into these inbuilt struggles of a mosquito, bunch of flowers and a cloud - offering them with strategic solutions and ambiguous approaches applicable towards their lives.

Classification of human elements in the ordered arrangement of periodic table stripped down into rows and columns because it is hard to understand otherwise.



How can we comprehend the essence of what makes us human?

Tarmac,acrylic,archival print

There was a time, devoid of words, human drew on walls their ideas of heaven and hell, what is seen and felt...

99 names of God.
99 state of a flawed human.

Plastic wastes of the imperfect soul, the disheartened, the absent, multi- faceted self.

9 shapes of tar.
human upon human-mades.

The extend of how promises shape our experiences and aspirations in various facets of life from product taglines to social media ‘likes’ to saying ‘sorry’ like you mean it.


Do we live our lives addicted to promises?

Gelatine capsules,acrylic,archival print

I wonder whether we live our lives addicted to promises.

Promises we take, make and fake.

Instant promise.
Temporary promise.
Measured promise.
Promise result.
Promise resolved.
Describe promise.
Prescribed promise.
Promise consumed.
Promise given.

Promises, promises.