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Shiela Samsuri is a human being. Just like you. She is on social media.

Formally trained as an architect, she kind of bulldozed her way into the visual arts scene. 🙏️ That said, art is not her full time job, though she would insist that she thinks of ‘art’ and its loaded meaning all the time (..she does not think that she is truly truly truly an architect..).👻

From Monday to Friday, (sometimes weekends because life is as such), Shiela works as a design strategist in an architecture firm in KL. She is lucky that she enjoys her work. She would insist that that is largely due to the great mix of people she works with. ❤️ As a design strategist, her day-to-day work revolves around understanding the human psyche, more specifically our Malaysian psyche. 

As a visual artist (or whatever you would like to describe her as), her interest lies in the gray areas that make humans human. 💭️ Sometimes, she ponders about the 💦️ rain...sometimes, she wonders whether she is addicted to promises 💊...sometimes, she questions whether a straight line is even real...(I mean...think about it). She spent 2020 incubating dozens of bacteria in her room (5/10 culture flasks exploded while she was sleeping, it was 😭️ tragic).

To close this ‘About the Artist’ in a professional manner and with good ethics, Shiela Samsuri has had her works exhibited at several contemporary art shows in KL. She hopes to increase her Instagram followers, get enough ‘likes’, mint and sell NFT to be able to call her ‘art’ (and maybe herself for that matter) relevant. And cool. 💯️

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