PAUSE202X (Tun Perak Co-Op, KL)

I wonder whether we live our lives addicted to promises.

Promises we take, make and fake.

I have an addiction to promises.

  1. Evian promises me drinking water from the French Alps. Water with naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals, with a distinctive cool and crisp taste.
  2. Nescafe promises me full flavour,  a recharge of my day, and a wonderfully invigorating taste.
  3. Panadol promises me speedy relief against migraines… and fever, and cold & flu, and menstrual discomfort. Take 2 Panadols, and go lie down.
  4. Thumb-ups, Hearts & Red Circles promise me that I am relevant in the instant.
  5. ‘Requests’ promises me friends.
  6. Songs promise me that my emotions are real; that I deserve to feel, what I feel.
  7. Binge-watching promises me different realities. Real life is mundane.
  8. Motivational quotes promise me what others have done, I can too.
  9. Candy Crush is a promise of distraction with achievements.
  10. Fitbit promises me steps to good health.
  11. A raise promises me that I am in line with Management. 
  12. Drugs promise me a place that is not here, not now and a me that is not me. 
  13. Home promises me a belonging (?)
  14. Therapy is a promise that I am doing something.The Sun is a promise of starting again…
  15. The Night is a promise of an ending, relief.
  16. The Rain is a promise of washing away (what the clouds failed to take)
  17. Thank you is a promise that I will try to acknowledge.
  18. Sorry is a promise that I will try and not repeat my mistakes.
  19. Try is a promise to… try.
  20. Promises beget promises.