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Shiela Samsuri is the best kind of over-thinker (she hopes). As a child, she harbored a curiosity towards stars twinkling high up above. While uncertain of the exact nature of astronomy, her yearning to understand the stars was hindered by the limited career prospect and her actual fear of heights.

Today, for most of the waking hours, her curiosities are directed in her role as an identity designer in a unit called R+. In her own time, she continues her inquiry in subjects of all sorts. Sometimes, this resulted in her making 4,474 colorful inedible pills, some days it is about capturing colors of mineral waters, and some nights it is about scouting nice tarmac in her neighborhood.

Recently she has been thinking whether mosquitoes actually derive pleasure from biting humans, or could they be secretly resistant to it? Perhaps it's her life’s mission to see that question through, as she draws quietly in her own studio (bedroom).

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Master of Architecture (RIBA Pt.II), University of Westminster, London


2017 Collective Individuals,  Urbanscapes
2017 Art with Heart, RHB
2018 RRRWARRR!!! Maybank's Emerging Women Artist Show, Maybank
2018 Softtones, Titikmerah
2019 (Re)thinking Editions, OUR Arts Project
2019 RRRWARRR!!! 2.0 Maybank's Emerging Women Artist Show, Maybank
2019 Merdeka Malaysia Millennial Exhibition, Maybank
2019 SH/FT, A Contemporary Visual Art Exhibition, Publika
2020 ASM ArtScience Prize
2020, Kuala Lumpur
2021 Pause 202X, Kuala Lumpur
2023 Clouds over the poppy garden, as she runs on grass, Kuala Lumpur
2023 Wanita Sebalik Budaya, Kuala Lumpur
2023 Leaving Traces, George Town Festival, Penang

Performance Art

2017 Futurists' Diaries