Leaving Traces
Hin Bus Depot, Penang
George Town Festival 2023

Little is known about the deep conundrums faced by a bloodsucking mosquito, a bunch of blossoming flowers and a bloated cloud, until now…

Here, in ‘How We Wonder What We Are’, we peer into these inbuilt struggles of a mosquito, bunch of flowers and a cloud - offering them with strategic solutions and ambiguous approaches applicable towards their lives.


The mosquito does not enjoy biting humans.

As much as it is her nature to bite, deep within her minuscule frame, the mosquito understands that a bite is not merely about blood, but a transmission of thoughts and ideas. Can humans handle the infectious nature of ideas? The mosquito battles between her instinct (?) and logic (?).


The blossoming flowers are threatened…by their own envy.

These flora fatales expressed a petal-pecked obsession with comparing themselves to their peers, obsessing over the vibrant petals and blooming speeds of their fellow botanical beings. They confessed - they had let society's obsession with measuring their worth into their belief (!!!).


The bloated cloud finds it hard to rain for a while now.

The cloud, burdened by rainwater it just can't let go, seeks therapy. Armed with strategic solutions, it learns the art of releasing droplets with finesse, preventing bloating and discovering that moderation brings showers of tranquility. Little by little, the cloud starts to rain responsibly…