A collaboration with Dr Afiq Durrani, a marine biologist currently teaching at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.

This project was initiated through the first lockdown in Malaysia, where we contemplate how everyone is being afforded varying level of access and privileges on our day to day, with water as a mediator.

“Before Your Very Eyes” draws upon the interactions of bacterial communities in a particular environment that interacts with each other to sustain life. Each environment is varied in its type of water, ranging from the drain, the ground, the rain and the sorts of bottled water we buy, from Spritzer to Evian. This variation of water represents our layers of social strata and privileges, especially ones we have all gone through as a community during this pandemic.

While the pandemic treats us all the same, who decides on the separation of one human being to another?

This project draws on social stratification mediated through the Winogradsky columns, where each column is filled with 3 symbolic constants; soil (members of society), egg (social construct) and newspaper (media).

Water is the only variable.

As a vital resource, the innocence and purity of water demonstrates the varying accessibility and conditioning in our collective community.

From weeks to months, layers of colours are naturally created.

From the modern and/or muted grey to violent and/or vibrant red. How do we wish to look into these layers of colours, as a way of looking into our own collective community?

Like a community, there are lines that divide us, whether geographically, economically, or as minute as ordinary bias in our everyday lives.

The project proposes a way of looking at the community, as these waters will tell - what is not visible may still very well exist.

“Before Your Very Eyes” is selected finalist for ASM Prize Award (2020), also a recipient of CENDANA Create Now (2020)